BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.

Open Access

BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.

Open Access
Open Access

Open Access Written Ideas

On Open Access Assembly

Text by Nuttha Isaraphithakkul 
Design by Setapa Prommolmard
(Editor’s Note)

Artefacts of Our Time: Independent Publications in Asia Capturing the Zeitgeist 

Text and Design by Meantime
Translation by Patcharin Pattanabunpaiboon

A Crisis of Politics and a Crisis of Media Form — Reasserting the Polyvocality of Material in Nicholas Thoburn’s “Anti-Book”

Text and Design by White Fungus
Translation by Nunnaree Panichkul

Defusing the “Big Bomb”: Modernisation and the Streamlining of Multilingual Singapore

Text by Justin Zhuang
Design by STUDIO 150
Translation by Open Access Team

Conversation with A and B

Text by Kyung Yong Lim
Design by Shin Shin
Translation by Kamolkarn Kosolkarn

Why do we make photobook(s)? — On the namings and things that followed.

Text by Fotobook DUMMIES Day
Design by Waterproof Exhibitions
Translation by Honey Kraiwee

Re: special editorial

Text and Design by D-E-A-L
Translation by Nuttha Isaraphithakkul
(Email Correspondence)

Papers of Hope, Books of Faith: Publishing Culture on the Street

Text by Big and Paint
Design by Big
Translation by Paint
Supported by ซอย | soi

Reliable Display Copy Distribute No. 2

Text by Elaine W. Ho  and Nihaal Faizal
Design by Theetat Thunkijjanukul
Translation by Paint (Chayanin Thaijongrak)

Open Access is a communal digital editorial project which advocates independent publishing as a means of knowledge production and circulation. The project resulted in original research-based downloadable PDFs in English, with Thai translations. Each text is designed in a unique layout within the shared A4 PDF file format. These open access texts were developed by the BKKABF CO-OP members within the expanded field of editorials, with support from the wider community of friends and collaborators. The project stems from ongoing conversations between the BKKABF team and contributors/members since the Contribution Period in April 2020.

The written ideas are contributed by Meantime magazine (Singapore), White Fungus magazine (Taiwan), Justin Zhuang (Singapore), Kyung Yong Lim (South Korea), Display Distribute (Hong Kong) and Nihaal Faizal (India), Fotobook DUMMIES Day (Taiwan), D-E-A-L (Belgium), and ซอย | soi (Thailand).

Open Access is hosted by the BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR (BKKABF) with research support from OPEN FIELD, as a part of the BKKABF CO-OP Online Festival 2020.


Open Access is made possible by

Verena Boehm
Kantida Busaba
Mark De Winne
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Nihaal Faizal
Fotobook DUMMIES Day
Nuttha Isaraphithakkul
Kamolkarn Kosolkarn
Honey Kraiwee
Kyung Yong Lim
Nunnaree Panichkul
Patcharin Pattanabunpaiboon
Supamas Phahulo
Setapa Prommolmard
Shin Shin
ซอย | soi
Judha Su
Chayanin Thaijongrak
Nicholas Thoburn
Theetat Thunkijjanukul
Waterproof Exhibitions
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