BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.


BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.



Q. What is the difference between BKKABF CO-OP and BKKABF?
A. BKKABF CO-OP is an online platform with aims to support its members in promoting their self-publishing projects, sharing and circulating knowledge in self-publication productions and collaboration among BKKABF CO-OP’s members. Collaboration projects or programs of BKKABF CO-OP run all year round while its events and activities such as workshops, exhibitions, talks or book launch take place online in September on the website of BKKABF CO-OP.

BKKABF is an offline platform with an objective to support self-publishing distribution and idea exchanging between visitors and exhibitors in a form of a market in an art book fair format, taken place annually in the first weekend of September.

Q. Will BKKABF happen this year?
A. This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, BKKABF Team has canceled the annual BKKABF and will host with members of BKKABF CO-OP online events and activities of BKKABF CO-OP in this coming September 2020 with hope that both projects will be happened in parallel both online and offline starting next year onward.


Q. How can I join BKKABF CO-OP?
A. You can join BKKABF CO-OP’s wide range of projects and programs by simply applying to be its members. There are two types of members: CREATOR and SUPPORTER. See how to apply and membership fee at www.bangokartbookfair.info. Both types of membership will receive a monthly newsletter, with latest news and updates of BKKABF CO-OP members, as well as their upcoming activities and programs.

Q. I have already contributed during the Contribution Period. Do I still need to apply for BKKABF CO-OP membership?
A. Yes, you still need to apply in order to become a BKKABF CO-OP member but that is on a voluntary basis. Every contributor participating during the contribution period will be credited on the website of BKKABF CO-OP.

Q. Is there a deadline for membership applications?
A. If you have any project proposal that you want to submit, we recommend that you apply for a CREATOR type member by the end of this May. This year, we will close the membership application period for both membership types in August and will reopen in March 2021.


Q. What is the benefit of CREATOR type membership?
A. CREATOR type members will have their profile page, showcasing their self-publication projects on BKKABF CO-OP website. In addition to that, they will have a right to submit project proposals of what they like to collaborate with BKKABF CO-OP or with other members.

Q. Can I apply for membership as a collective? If so, how many project proposals that I can submit?
A. Yes, you can apply as a collective and it will be counted as one member. You can submit one project proposal.

Q. I don’t have any project that I want to submit to BKKABF CO-OP but somehow I want to contribute to BKKABF CO-OP. How can I do it?
A. We recommend you to apply for a creator membership and share with us your background. We will get back to you when there are any projects that might be suitable to you.


Q. What are the benefits of SUPPORTER type membership?
A. SUPPORTER type members will have special benefits in joining events and activities of BKKABF CO-OP free of charge, or maybe purchasing publications and services of other members with discounts.

Q. Can I change my membership status from SUPPORTER to CREATOR later on?
A. Of course. You can change your membership status by simply sending the CREATOR membership application form and a copy of the CREATOR membership fee payment slip (1,000 THB) to contact@bangkokartbookfair.info.


Q. I am not a BKKABF CO-OP member, can I still be part of BKKABF CO-OP?
A. General public who are not members are welcome to access the website of BKKABF CO-OP free of charge and visit profile pages of its members including the events and activities. Please stay tuned for more detailed information.