BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.


BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR.


BKKABF CO-OP Online Festival 2020

BKKABF CO-OP is an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR, under the framework and principles of a cooperative. This digital-based community highlights knowledge production and circulation among independent publishers/creators whilst supporting corporations between BKKABF CO-OP members as well as promoting themselves and their creations.

BKKABF CO-OP Online Festival 2020 is the first public presentation of BKKABF CO-OP since its beginning in April 2020.


Our Background

In March 2020, the idea of starting a cooperative was sparked during an online meeting while the BKKABF team was weighting the decision to cancel the 2020’s edition amidst the escalating situation of COVID-19 outbreak. The decision was unanimous, BKKABF 2020 would be cancelled but the idea of a platform for community would be continued, and thus BKKABF CO-OP was born.

BKKABF CO-OP was conceived with an intention to not just being a short-term measurement during the travel or event organizing restrictions, but rather a long-term solution of what will come after. It will not be a one-time project, on the contrary, it will be happened in parallel with future editions of BKKABF.

Self-Publishing, Distribution and Community

Our vision for BKKABF CO-OP will be on supporting self-publishing, distribution of artistic materials, inspirations, and hopes, and fostering the community by connecting its members both local and abroad. BKKABF CO-OP is initiated within the framework and principles of cooperatives; participation on a voluntarily and open basis, democratic and independent. A space where small productions are valued and returns are in forms of cultural and social values are still at the core of the project.


From a fair-format platform which was taken place annually from 2017-2019, the community with shared interest in art books and publications, along with concept of self-publishing was created. The revision of what is a platform for the community is happened upon the preparation of the 4th edition of BKKABF, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The idea of BKKABF CO-OP, for the situation today and tomorrow, was built up on the idea of co-creation; brainstorming, questioning, exchanging and sharing knowledge and insights. Members and collaborators in BKKABF community as well as public will be welcomed to co-create the platform in a format of an online program organized under a framework and principles of a cooperation.

We expect that these virtual events would expand the horizon of possibility and will foster a new community, BKKABF CO-OP Community that work hands in hands and share resources with BKKABF Community in the future.

List of BKKABF CO-OP Contributors:

01 Aperture Brought Me Here (TH)*
02 Apinan Rattanajamorn (TH)
03 Apisara Hophaisarn (TH)
04 art4d (TH)*
06 Belle Phromchanya (NL/TH)*
07 BooksActually (SG)*
09 Buttercry (TH)*
10 Chalita Wongwai (TH)
11 Chonlapat Pattararittigul (TH)
12 Commde Students’ Union (TH)
13 D-E-A-L (BE)*
14 Design Weans (UK)
15 Display Distribute (HK)*
17 Fivethirty (530) (NL)
18 Fruityfey (TH)*
19 Interesting Pictures Collective (TH)
20 Jinny Sarakoses (TH)
21 Justin Zhuang (SG)*
22 Jutaphit Usaha (bbabybber) (TH)
23 Kamboja Press (ID)*
24 KRAFT (TH)*
26 Meantime (SG)*
28 Nunnaree Panichkul (TH)
29 Panjabhorn Chaichompoo (TH)*
30 Piyapong Bhumichitra (TH)
31 Siam Attariya (TH)*
33 Supisara Burapachaisri (US/TH)
34 Tanat Teeradakorn (TH)
35 The Funambulist (FR)
36 The Uni_Form Design Studio (TH)
37 Tissue Paper (JP)
38 Tomás Pinheiro (CN/TH)
39 Tunyares Lomrattanapana (TH)*
40 White Fungus (TW)*
41 Wildest Youth (AU/TH)
42 Win Shanokprasith (TH)
43 Witti Studio (TH)

* Consultant

List of BKKABF CO-OP Founding Members:

C1 CommDe Students’ Union (COMa) (TH)
C2 Tam.Attayasai (TH)
C3 Asian_Food_Design (JP)
C4 Tunyares Lomrattanapana (TH)
C5 Patsam (TH)
C6 White Fungus (TW)
C7 Justin Zhuang (SG)
C8 Kamboja Press (ID)
C9 Riso BKK (TH)
C10 Witti Studio (TH)
C11 Worama Umpairat (TH)
C12 PaKa (TH)
C13 nymphnimf (TH)
C14 Benyapa Wongwanichaya (TH)
C15 Meantime (SG)
C17 Sankrit Kulmanochawong (NL)
C18 Jutaphit Usaha (TH)
C19 The Uni_Form Design Studio (TH)
C20 Fluffy.CoRneR (TH)
C21 Two Times Two (TH)
C22 Patchlom (TH)
C23 Dohee Kwon (KR)
C25 Tham Bannakarn (TH)
C26 Yoyea Studio (TH)
C27 Fivethirty (530) (NL)
C28 Gumpoong (TH)
C29 Manday & VCD ABAC (TH)
C30 Sally Lai (UK/TH)
C31 Panita S. (TH/BE)
C32 Display Distribute (HK)
C33 Pink Blue Black & Orange (TH)
C34 Nothing Together (TH)
C35 Rom RH (TH)
C36 GiGi Salin Saengduangdee (TH)
C37 Attention Studio (TH)
C38 Ayasa (TH)
C39 Who You Gonna Call (TH)
C40 Namsai Khaobor (TH)
C41 Visual Barrier (TH)
C42 Buttercry (TH)
C43 Illustration Art KMITL (TH)
C44 Together Design & Risograph Studio (TH) 
C45 fotobook Dummies Day (TW)
C46 Quaken (TH)
C47 Ravisara Karnjanolarn (TH)
C48 Thanatorn Pruekudom (TH)
C49 Pitchaya Vimonthammawath (TH)
C50 Faiyen Design Studio (TH)
C51 Panita Siriwongwan-ngarm (TH)
C52 Sunny Leerasanthanah (US)
C53 Fruityfey (TH)
C54 Kias Matt (TH)
C55 Sergio Lombardo (IT/TH)
C56 Further Reading (ID)
C57 Yellaban Creative Media Studio (TH)
C58 Not So Goods (TH)
C59 Panjabhorn Chaichompoo (TH)
C60 Leewern Jindasamathi (TH)
C61 D-E-A-L (BE)
C62 art4d (TH)
C63 Non Native Native (NL/TH)
C64 Vacilando Bookshop (TH)
C65 Tropical Malady Press (TH)
C66 Apisara Hophaisarn (TH)
C67 Waterproof Exhibitions (TH)
C68 Teemana Books (TH)
C69 Aperture Brought Me Here (TH)
C71 Thai Graphic Designers Association (ThaiGa) (TH)
C72 STUDIO 150 (TH)